Shipping & Returns

Shipping & Returns

1. Delivery terms commence on the order confirmation date by ENM. ENM is only liable for delays in performance or the impossibility of performance in the event of intent or gross negligence.

2. The consumer bears the shipping costs.

The shipping costs for Germany are as follows:

shipping weight up to 500 g: EUR 5,00 incl. VAT
shipping weight over 500 g: EUR 7,50 incl. VAT

International shipping costs are as follows:
Europe shipping costs:
shipping weight up to 500 g: EUR 10,00 incl. VAT
shipping weight over 500 g: EUR 15,00 incl. VAT

World (all Non-EU countries)/ shipping costs:
shipping weight up to 500 g: EUR 20,00
shipping weight over 500 g: EUR 35,00

(For every shipment we add 250 grams of packing material.)
The customer is notified of the shipping costs prior to the shipping of the items.

3. Consumers may cancel their order in text form (for example by letter, e-mail) within 2 weeks without stating any reasons or - in the event the item has been transferred prior to the beginning of the period - through the return of the item. The period begins upon the receipt of this instruction in text form, however, not before the receipt of the product by the recipient. The timely mailing of the cancellation or shipping of the products is sufficient to comply with the cancellation period.

The cancellation or the product return is to be addressed to:

Einstürzende Neubauten Merchandise GbR

Beusselstr. 88

DE-10553 Berlin


The cancellation right does not apply in the event of sealed and/or shrink wrapped audio, video and data media to the extent the delivered media has been unsealed and/or opened by the customer, news papers, magazines and periodicals, photographs which are delivered via download.

Consequences of Cancellation:
In the event of an effective cancellation, each party is obligated to return received contractual considerations and any derived profits (for example interest) from such considerations, if appropriate. In the event the customer cannot return the received products in whole or in part or in deteriorated condition he/she is obligated to compensate ENM for the incurred loss, if any. This does not apply to the transfer of products in the event the deterioration of the products is ascribed exclusively to its inspection - as it would have been possible at a store. Otherwise the obligation to pay compensation for the appropriate use of the products can be avoided by not using the product as ones property and to abstain from any actions which deteriorate the value of the product
All Products, which can be shipped as a parcel, are to be returned at  risk of sender. The customer bears the shipping costs for the return of the products, if the delivered products match the ordered products.