N. U. Unruh

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N. U. Unruh

N.U. Unruh, was born in New York, USA and grew up in Berlin, Germany, where he is still residing. He finalised secondary school with graduation, skills as piano-restorer.

1980: starting music group "Einstürzende Neubauten" as drummer/percussionist with singer and guitarist Blixa Bargeld. Since then utilization of found objects for musical purposes such as performances, concerts and recording sessions. Building the tin sheet drum-kit as a substitute for the regular kit, working with the amplified metal bass spring and different non-musical materials. As well production of mechanical stage-props and sceneries for music theatre plays.

He did various concerts, recordings and performances all through Europe, America, Japan and Australia. As well participant of regular album-output up to these days.

2002: launching the website neubauten.org to engage supporters/fans into the band's work.