Tabula Rasa

Die Interimsliebenden

In the space of just one slipped beat of the tongue
there is big bang and total entropy
from red giants to white dwarfs
the whole scale
of cosmic dimensions are falling
out of my mouth
in the description of a kiss
of the interimlovers


of the interimlovers
in the interim


between microphone and macrocosm
between chaos and on no course
between plankton and philosophia
between semtex an utopia


there they are
the interimlovers


in their communal mouth
lives a colibri
with each humming beat of its wings
too swift for the eye to see
cultures flourish and perish
whole continents vanish
here are no harmless words
all by far too large
an example most simple explodes
in 10^14 for
the interimlovers


the interimlovers
in the interim


between toothache and oil of cloves
between genesis and sixsixsix
between c” and vitamin c
between ultramarine and navy frigate


the interimlovers are intimate
the interimlovers
in the


in the course of just one
winking beat of an eye
they have putsched
the government was felled
parliament dissolved
elections held
results annulled
new elections called
then finally exiled
in history reviled
I wade through the filth of mighty
meta, meta, meta by metre
with gestures far too wide
for the interimlovers


the interimlovers
are lovers in the interim


between temporary and tempura
between rope and sword dance
between times and on the sea floor
between semtex and utopia
they lay in each others arms


thirstily devour
that last little drop of light
they are not there yesterday
and tomorrow not yet
the lovers
the interimlovers
they are not there yesterday
and tomorrow not yet
not really
the interimlovers
they are not there yesterday
and tomorrow not yet


Let my centre be your axis
around wich your body turns
let your centre be my axis
around wich your body turns
let me through your columns stroll
along your colonnade
let me not hesitate nor play hard to get
amble idly, revel sprightly
in you lose my way


only she will see the light first…


let me through your delta swim
with inclined head traverse
let me savour the true salt of the earth
be a tongue fish in your lake
let the way of the world on all fours play
on stage as carnal choreography
celebrate spring’s glory


now see! the pole caps are melting
the hill is not frozen


the axe has been laid unto afore
for the garden’s defloration
some important thing’s exhumation
in one mouth saliva and honey’s summation
for your soul’s exhumation
now draw me after you
winter has passed over. the great thaw!


I’m coming
from falsity, from infirmity,
from the principality
of sovereign senses to court you
for ever to release you


only she will see the light first…


For you I am a chrysantemum
Supernova, urgent star


Astera Compositae
For you I`ll be a dandelion
a thousand flowerettes in the sky
Or just a drop in the ocean


If you know my name
don’t speak it out
it holds a power — as before


A lily of the valley
a flower of saron


Helianthus annus
For you I even be a sunflower
Do you hear my enlightening laughter?
another reason to cut off an ear


For you know my name, do you not?
don’t say it
For it is sacred, immovable frozen


Rosa, Anemone et Nymphea alba
I’ll even be a waterlily,
a marygold, a rose
or a little thistle


a blue dahlia, a black tulip
that’s where opinions differ
the scholars disagree


My name, should you know it
remains unspeakable
and is spoken — malediction

12305(TE) NACHT

This is my 12305th night
the first few thousand
you might as well forget
just as I have also
this one here is almost finished too


what remains is nicotine and yellow fingers


many before I`ve frittered to powder
and diced and minced into bits
in many expended, exhausted, escaped
extinguished, chasing the dragon
in a handful I got very close
towards the end, close to the end,
right at the end, towards morning,
in its passing drowned


what remains is alcohol and numbed dreams


some were endless and I set out and off
to wait where nonetheless no bus goes
all passed by till now, till 12305


in some you were present
but I was not entirely there
in many I sought you in my sleep
in many I sought you sleeping


what remains?


from here to Mars was closer
than from me to you
I seemed to be made of anti-matter —
fairly dangerous!


it was my 12305th night
in which you appeared
you made your eyes glow
I`m sure with some fair reason
you were seeking the same thing and
for the same reason
you too were then drawn to me
you were my mirror image secretly
I drew you up and towards me
inside you — I saw myself; and inversely
Do not stir up love
before it is itself willing
before it is itself willing


Late at night, early morning
only that from the ruins still glowing on the raised background. she:
false image not my features
chimera from a thousand years and one night
were not many consumed


strides down the heap of rubble:
by her blinding sunwheel of power?
but I did get her ruins
safely over and done with


visibly exhausted, but not injured:
even if she never fell
only those who fell for her


arrives at the bottom:
I left her —


nearly loses her balance:
not deluded


not a clue where to look
only hope-staring eyes


goes with conviction in this direction.
A tallish wall, along it:
resembling me this picture
in a traced outline
she was ideal and many had been
struck by her


HARD BLACK LIGHT in the glow of her once incomparable figure
it did something to many
but then got right out of shape


she proceeds:
I leave her — deluded


The wall decreases in size, eventually disappears but continues underground.




A black block bearing an idol modelled after her, a weapon worked in as part of the neck; beside it a control post next to
a red-bordered poster.


she stops and looks at it:
beneath the wild scratches of a pen
I seem to see my own face




she realizes this is an illusion.
The idol melts, the block crumbles into countless little fragments
she turns around and goes:
I am leaving her — deluded


The Monday Ballet
my idealized profile,
she, in the crowd, unrecognized:
a scissor-cut silhoutte in flag cloth
through the hole in a banner
the crowd seemingly
hope-staring at the sunrise
on the western horizon


I am leaving her — not deluded It is not here what I unflaggingly seek
and it is not nowhere — then anywhere
she fumbles her way through:
Various corpus delicti, strewn over the path as strumbling blocks and snares, on the whole completely unrecognizable — mutilated or rapidly decaying.


(any similarity with her is accidential and unintentional). Men badly disguised as women with heavily painted lips beneath their beards. Blue or green guerrilla combat eye shadow. Some carying rifles, following an old habit, aiming up into the black sky, shooting coloured, stupid birds. Others smiling idiot-proof at the flower in the barrel.
A couch.
Orgon accumulators.
Joan Baez.
Wild and howling come-on-tators in sacrificial lamb dessous en gros and in a pack.
Spirits of the orphaned ghosts of europe-haunting spectres.
Universal know-all do-gooder ideas.
An answering machine for final requests as a self-firing device.
And at last, for the last time, a hedge of burning bushes
chanting an old litany:


walks past. INCLINATION
I am leaving them — not deluded After the hedge has completely burnt down there only remains
of uncertain origin, from somewhere from back and beyond


It is not here what I unflaggingly seek


ascends the hill:
it is not elsewhere — so nowhere —
where else?
her silhoutte gets smaller and smaller, her contours can now hardly be perceived:
the blinding is increasing
and so at last over
I have returned to the place
where I`ve never been before


exit she.


it was
as if you had
cast a glance at me
I had ducked
tell me what that was


it was
as if you held
me in your arms
and a thousand thistles
tell me what that was


mene, mene tekel upharsin




General mobilization!
All subjects to be deconditioned1


Fall into line!
Attention! Unpredictable, forward march!


New wonders, new horrors
tornado for obligations to convention
for the convolutions
in the skull, cyclone
Wire brushes to the vermin trash!


Clotted thoughts, frozen now melt


Behind us the universe
With us inhumanity
Against universal humanity
any means is right
and proper only the right to the mean average


On parade the psychiatric unit
over-the-top ascetics up front
pumped up


Next in the line wild rank and file
just one thing in their heads:


one half of my dreams is shaved bald
the first battering on the door
the first one from official quarters
with questions
a matchstick caught in my throat
no phrase
through my throat
which would not
start a blaze
don`t wait
get a close shave escape
those were the dreams.


A song, one, two, three:
“All you need is HEADCLEANER!”


cause nothing has been done that can’ t be done
nothing has been sang that can`t be sung
and nothing has been set, so forget how to play the game
it`s easy


nothing has been made that can`t be made
and no one has been saved, that should have been saved
and nothing you can do but forget yourself this time
it`s easy


cause nothing has been known that can`t be known
nothing has been seen that ain`t been shown
nowhere you can be and that isn`t where you meant to be
it`s easy


all you need is HEADCLEANER


The right to attacks of controlled frenzy —
a scout patrol with cosmic inquity
takes it into captivity.
Discipline is soaked
Last wind machine before the battle!
This is wherethe storm unit sweeps out
with hurricane deep pore cleansing — never seen again!
Between grey cells and in all the furrows
where hidden fungus allways burrows
they eliminate
it is too late
bombarded with salutes and mowed down
straight with HEADCLEANER!


This here is in flames, that there has
completely collapsed.


Heavy and thick ash rain.


Dissolved in smoke and fog.


It`s getting light, not a new day
but an approaching fire; stay at a distance:
darkness will return.


The sun is rising, gloomy eclipse of the sun.


Everything is coated with ash
like snow.


We, however, who now know the danger and
who are aware of it, even we cannot yet make
up our minds…