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The live section has been updated with new dates for Blixa Bargeld & Alva Noto in Milan, Tokyo & Osaka
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Alexander Hacke's New York City

Alexander Hacke's New York CityAlexander Hacke has released a sound-set for Urs Heckmanns virtual synthesizer - software Zebra which is called "New York City" and consists of 150 sounds dedicated to the big apple and divided in the five boroughs.

The sounds range from weird one shot effects to slow evolving cinematic soundscapes and complete multi layered backing tracks.

The sound set is a 100% copyright free collection of individually programmed artistic patches which can used for film-scores, industrial music, electro dance beats and general experimentation.

They provide an ideal starting point to dive into the complex world of Zebra.

Caution, you must own the software synthesizer in order to work with the sound set.
All available at

usb sticks Turino, Rome, Primavera

Unfortunately the local promoter in Rome cancelled the bands merchandise sale at the concert without any reason and was unable to provide any substitute.

We deeply apologize for this and would like to let you know that all merchandise including a live recording of the show on usb stick is now available in the webshop.

Arbeits Limited Edition 7 & 8


Jochen Arbeit's "Limited Edition" series continues with No.'s 7 & 8

Silence is Sexy - rerelease

Silence is Sexy - 2011

Einstürzende Neubauten's "Silence is Sexy" will be re-released May 20 2011, on the bands label POTOMAK.

3 Decades Tour merchandise

The "3 Decades Tour" merchandise is now available to buy in our shop.

Tour T-Shirt Girls & Tour T-Shirt Men
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USB stick Live recording 30th anniversary tour in special box.
Live recordings of both nights in Berlin & Brussels (strictly limited editions)
USB Sticks

Francesco und der Papst

Alexander Hacke has composed the score for the Constantin Production “Francesco und der Papst” a documentation-feature directed by Ciro Cappellari
In cinemas starting 21.04.2011
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Torino 012010

Torino 012010 - Jochen Arbeit

Torino 012010 is the second release of a series documenting the collaboration between Jochen Arbeit, Paul Beauchamp and Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo (the duo known as Blind Cave Salamander).

Live update

The live section has been updated with new dates for Blixa Bargeld & Alva Noto in Berlin, Prague, Geneva and Leipzig.
And details of the Einstürzende Neubauten Aniversary Celebration in Prague.....

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EMPIRE ME New Worlds are Happening!

EMPIRE ME New Worlds are Happening!
Austrian Cinema-Director and Author Paul Poet has created a new Docu-Epic about micronations, new communities and counterworlds featuring an Original Music Soundtrack by Einstürzende Neubauten-member Alexander Hacke.

German and Austrian Cinema Release to be expected Autumn 2011.
National Austrian premiere dates at the
DIAGONALE – Filmfestival of Austrian Films in GRAZ, AUSTRIA
25.03.2011 20:30 Cinema Schubert 1
26.03.2011 21:00 Cinema KIZ