Easter 2024 Supporter Weekend

by admin

We would like to invite all supporters from all supporter phases (plus close family/friend) to come visit us for a supporter weekend in Berlin, with events from the afternoon of Saturday, March 30th to the late afternoon of Monday, April 1st, 2024.

The exact plans are:

    • Saturday at 15:00: Alex will meet up with interested supporters at a designated spot at Alexanderplatz to do a little personal walking tour of Mitte, with stops at local friends and locations;
    • Sunday late morning: Blixa will do a city tour of Berlin on the biggest double decker tourist bus that we can book, with him playing tour guide and talking about important places relevant to EN’s history, plus a playlist of relevant songs; we understand that there are more people who’d like to go on this tour than even the biggest bus will fit, so we are working on some way to participate even if not sitting on the bus;
    • Sunday at 20:00: a special mostly improv / Rampen concert at the Betonhalle at silent green (we had to change venues because the stage needed to be bigger for the jet turbine!!); please note that the band will not play many existing songs, and that the set will be relatively short, about an hour;
    • Sunday after the concert: we take a break, and Rudi will then lead interested supporters on a special interactive performance in the concert venue involving loops and (your) field recordings of church bells;
    • Sunday before and after the concert: Andrew will have a special exhibition of historical EN instruments plus a photo slide show that you can visit, also at/near the concert venue;
    • Monday at 14:00: Jochen will do a show & tell of home-made instruments that were specially used on the upcoming Rampen album, at the Kuppelhalle at silent green;
    • Monday at 15:00: a supporter + band album listening session, where we will listen together to the upcoming Rampen double album under nice conditions at the Kupplehalle at silent green; 

We will have special t-shirts, hoodies, and tote bags for this supporter weekend.  We’re not sure if we can have copies of the limited edition vinyl album at the weekend, but we will try.  If you are coming to Berlin and would like to buy some 7″ singles leftover from Phase IV, please get in touch first to reserve them.

The digital weekend pass will include: 

  • multi-camera streaming access to the concert;
  • real-time stream of the bus tour with Blixa;
  • real-time stream of Rudi’s performance;
  • an online version of Andrew’s instrument slide show;
  • real-time stream of Jochen’s show & tell;
  • real-time stream of the album listening session;
  • archived version of all of the above for the duration of the festival weekend, for those who are in the wrong timezones for the real-time stream;
  • download of a soundboard recording of the concert
All in person attendees will also have full access to the digital content in case they are traveling or miss something.