AIR - Artist In Residence Foundation

Alexander Hacke & Danielle de Picciotto

After performing at the Centre Pompidou Malaga in July 2016 Alexander Hacke and Danielle de Picciotto have now been invited by the prestigious "AIR - Artist In Residence Foundation" to do a sound art residency in Krems, Austria for one month in September 2016.

Extra Concert

Elbphilharmonie Hamburg

Our concert on 21.01.2017 in a very special location, the @Elbphilharmonie Hamburg, was sold out shortly after being on sale and the box office system unfortunatly was temporary unavailable. We feel honoured that so many of you want to see us play but we are also very much aware that a lot of you did not succeed to buy tickets and are now displeased about the situation.

As we want to give ALL of you the opportunity to join us at this exceptional venue, we are happy to announce that we agreed with promoter upon playing one more show on same day. The additional show will take place at 5 pm and the box office sale will start on 12 July 2016 at 11a.m.

We hope you can live with this solution and we see you ALL there!

Elbphilharmonie, Hamburg

Ticket Chaos

the run on tickets for our concert at Elbphilharmonie, Hamburg was so big that it was immediatly sold out and the box office sales system unfortunatly collapsed.
We are not involved in ticket sales but of course noticed that the whole process was very badly handled, so we want to apologize to everyone who tried in vain to receive a ticket. At the moment we are discussing with local promoter if there might be any solutions and want to express that we are very much interested to find some as the situations appears to us very unpleasant.


Danielle de Picciotto & Alexander Hacke

Perseverantia Danielle de Picciotto & Alexander Hacke

The new album "Perseverantia" by Danielle & Alexander, which was released on May 6th, 2016 on POTOMAK has been going so fast that a new edition is being printed momentarily. A second music video for the album was released on May 9th and can viewed above.

The Annual Einstürzende Neubauten Party

Sat 18 June 2016

The Annual Einstürzende Neubauten Party is an initiative of N.U. Unruh from the band to celebrate and enjoy the music and art of Einstürzende Neubauten.
DJ Stahlmusik will play an evening long mix of Neubauten music to get you to dance. In between there will be live Neubauten cover songs
Over six hours of Neubauten film releases, live videos and documentaries will be shown in another room.
Come and party all night long!

Teho Teardo and Blixa Bargeld


Nerissimo Teho Teardo and Blixa Bargeld

The New Album by Teho Teardo and Blixa Bargeld - Nerissimo is released this week on CD, Vinyl and Limited Edition Green Vinyl.

(each Vinyl copy comes with a digital download code)

Jochen Arbeit - New Album

Arbeit Schickert Schneider - ASS

Arbeit Schickert Schneider

THREE GUITARISTS, THREE GENERATIONS, ONE ALBUM TOGETHER: Günter Schickert (Ziguri), Jochen Arbeit (Die Haut, Einstürzende Neubauten, Automat) and Dirk Dresselhaus (Schneider TM, Angel, Locust Fudge) are three renowned Berlin guitarists....

New Album "Perseverantia"

Danielle de Picciotto & Alexander Hacke

Perseverantia Danielle de Picciotto & Alexander Hacke

Alexander Hacke & Danielle de Picciotto will be releasing their new album "Perseverantia" on the 6th of May 2016.

The album will be released on the Einstürzende Neubauten label POTOMAK.

It will be a vinyl LP containing a CD with a bonus track...

Elbphilharmonie Eröffnungsfestival

Einstürzende Neubauten

Einstuerzende Neubauten proudly announce the following upcoming event next year which will be the exciting start of our touring season 2017.
Ticketsale Starts 20.06.2016. More details will follow.

Sat 21 Jan 2017
Elbphilharmonie Hamburg
Platz der Deutschen Einheit 1, 20457 Hamburg, Germany

They are back!

Teho Teardo and Blixa Bargeld

Nerissimo Teho Teardo and Blixa Bargeld

Three years after their debut album Still Smiling, Teho Teardo and Blixa Bargeld return with a completely new work.

The result of a special bond, both artistic and personal, where Teho and Blixa reinvent their relationship to explore new territories.