Announcing: the Rampen Phase

by admin

What is it?

A “Rampe” (literally, a ramp), in the internal language of the band, is an improvised live piece that happens on stage.  There is also the option of a “gestützte Rampe” (a supported ramp), where there is some minimal agreement/indication ahead, for example that one person will start, or that the pace will be slow or fast.  

In a normal concert set list, there is often the space for such a “Rampe”, where the band plays something completely new, improvised, and unrehearsed.  

In this Phase, the band will take the Rampen that have been played on the last tour, to use them for ideas or inspiration, and to develop them into fully realized songs.

When is it?

The plan is to go into the studio starting in February 2023, and come out with a finished album by autumn.

Why Patreon?

As we had already done in the past several phases, we are asking for your support to not only help fund the financing of the recording and production process, but also to bring us your attention to the working process, to travel with us on yet another step in the band’s (very!) long journey.