Webcast Video from Sept. 22, 2023

by admin

Sorry for the video problems, we lost a camera pretty early in the process, and then had some other small mishaps during the webcast, but the audio stream was continuous and in good quality.

Four songs are included in this webcast in various stages of being finished: we start with “Before I Go”, which is almost finished but Jochen and Rudi are adding some overdubs in the webcast, then there’s a playback of “Pestalozzi”, which is almost finished as well. Then we hear “Ist Ist” (not to be confused with “Isso Isso”), which still needs mixing and lyrics, as well as “Everything will be fine”, ditto.

Discussion thread for this webcast and the songs therein is here in the forum.

Finished lyrics for “Pestalozzi” and “Before I Go” can be found posted by Blixa on the lyrics thread in the forum.